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Mortgage Autodialer

With Mortgage Autodialer, small and medium enterprises have the opportunity to stay in touch with their customers, staff and suppliers by sending them Voice messages from a web based application on the Internet. It's fast, simple, cost effective and easy to use and only requires an Internet connection and subscription to the service.

Benefits of Mortgage Autodialer

mortgage autodialer

Features of Mortgage Autodialer

Mortgage autodialer Features

Using Mortgage Autodialer has never been easier - simply upload or record your sound file (wave or mp3 format), upload or enter list of the phone numbers, and quickly schedule or send your broadcast. You will be charged only for delivered messages.
We do not charge for call that did not go through, or were not answered by a human. All land line phone carriers in North America are supported. Final delivery of our voice broadcast is achieved via analog phone lines of highest quality, rather than by low-bandwith voice-over-ip method.