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Emergency SMS Messaging for Schools

School SMS

Introducing School SMS.
The initial use of Short Messaging Service (SMS) was for notifying a mobile user of voicemail. Soon after that, SMS evolved to become one of the most successful mediums for communication and a channel to provide value added services.
School SMS is the delivery of information to mobile phones via the Internet and SMS gateway. SMS Matrix Broadcasting is one of the most economical method of sending information to direct your clients, prospects, employees, or members' mobile phone in an instantaneous time frame.
For instance, teachers can notify school staff, parents, and students in a moments notice of any important events.
Sometimes, this kind of information is convenient; other times, it's critical.
Also available for developers - SMS Gateway that allows easy integration of SMS messaging capbility with your existing software.

Benefits of School SMS

School SMS School SMS messaging has grown enormously in popularity as a communication tool.
Our inituitive system allows businesses and individuals to employ a simple one stop solution to send SMS messages.
Your business can make use of advertising with through SMS because it works. It is cost effective, reaches the target audience in seconds, increases sales turnover, and improves customer relations tremendously.
By advertising through SMS to subscribers gained from your website, you are ensured of a high sales, support, service conversion rate. As an expert company, SMS Matrix has the knowledge and facilities to help you utilize the mobile phone market as promotion tool in the most cost effective way.

Features of School SMS

School SMS Features

School SMS Alerts is an emerging and growing tool for monitoring.
The goal of school SMS is to reach as many recipients: teachers, students or parents, as quickly as possible.
The important part of any SMS application is how it achieves network access, since SMS applications (unlike email applications that connect once over the SMTP network) require connections to each mobile network. School SMS Broadcast uses direct connections to all major wireless providers in North America.