27 September, Wednesday

Text/SMS, TTS and Voice Broadcasting - Web Based Group Messaging

As of July 20th, our SMS Telco partner stopped providing SMS services to our platform.
This is due to increasing regulation from Telco industry, which is making it harder and harder for small operators like us, to operate.
Our platform is currently unable to deliver any SMS messages.
We are not sure if or when this situation will be resolved.
All the subscription charges at this moment are blocked, there will be NO Paypal or Credit Card payments being charged, unless we are able to operate normally again.
We are sorry for this situation, and we will keep you posted.

Additional Message (SMS/TTS/Voice) Credits : Pricing Information

Additional Credits for sending messages

Additional message credits can be purchased at any time. Whenever your account balance needs to be 'charged', you can simply purchase extra credits.
Credits never expire, and can be carried over indifinitely.

$0.09/credit $0.08/credit $0.07/credit $0.06/credit $0.05/credit
$9.00 $40.00 $70.00 $315.00 $500.00

Flat-Rate pricing in USD, valid for USA and Canada:

1 SMS message 160 characters (USA)=1.0 credit
1 SMS message 160 characters (CAN)=1.0 credit
1 TTS message=1.0 credit (per 30s message)
1 voice message=0.5 credit (per 30s message)
1 fax message=1.5 credit
1 email message=0.1 credit
1 carrier lookup=0.3 credit
Fees for incoming SMS are the same as for outgoing

Message pricing for worldwide destinations depends on several factors: country, land line or mobile number and the service provider. We provide coverage for all countries in the world.
To check message pricing for a specific international phone number, please enter the international phone number below (including country code, digits only, no leading zeroes), and click 'Get Fees' button.
Examples: 12505063387, 448457300700
Phone Number:        

Text Messaging, TTS and Voice Broadcasting

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  • Reach thousands of cell or landline numbers in minutes
  • Quick, easy, and amazingly affordable
  • No setup fees or contracts to sign
  • Very reliable and quick text-to-speech messages can be delivered to any phone (land/cell)
  • No hardware or software to buy - easy web interface
  • All major cellular/wireless carriers and land line supported
  • Detailed reports and delivery statistics

Customer Support

Image Our Customer Support center is your first stop for support. Our goal is to increase your productivity by providing you with the proper support tools and information.
E-mail: support@smsmatrix.com


Sales Representative Our Sales Representative are here ready to answer your questions. Our goal is to increase your productivity by providing you with the services that are right for you.
E-mail: sales@smsmatrix.com