27 September, Wednesday

Text/SMS, TTS and Voice Broadcasting - Web Based Group Messaging

As of July 20th, our SMS Telco partner stopped providing SMS services to our platform.
This is due to increasing regulation from Telco industry, which is making it harder and harder for small operators like us, to operate.
Our platform is currently unable to deliver any SMS messages.
We are not sure if or when this situation will be resolved.
All the subscription charges at this moment are blocked, there will be NO Paypal or Credit Card payments being charged, unless we are able to operate normally again.
We are sorry for this situation, and we will keep you posted.

Fax and Email Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting On top of Voice and SMS/Text delivery, we also offer other options, that will allow to deliver your bulk message to basically ANY kind of receiver:

  • Fax Broadcasting - any image or HTML file can be delivered to fax numbers.
  • Email Broadcasting - any text or HTML message can be delivered to email addresses

Send bulk marketing Fax or Email broadcasts to thousands of your customers in just few minutes, or use our easy-to-use web GUI to send alerts, notifications or reminders to smaller groups or single recipients.

With Email or Fax Broadcast Service, small and medium enterprises have the opportunity to stay in touch with their customers, staff and suppliers by sending them Email messages from a web based application on the Internet.

Email Broadcast allows communication with very targeted groups of customers and helps you to build profitable customer relationship. This servvice will help you to achieve specific goals, such as: increase sales from existing customers, generate new business leads and sales, re-establish relationships with dormant customers and increase customer loyalty.

We won't help you with designing your marketing campaign, but we will make sure that your bulk message will be delivered. Our mail servers are extremely reliable, and are not and will not be blacklisted as 'spammers'. That's what we take care of, to maximize chances for your message to get through to your customers. Other services provide rich GUI, hundreds of email templates, image galleries, but when you send your email to 1000 recipients your email account will be blacklisted as spammer by the internet service providers in no time.
As always, you'll want to make sure to abide by marketing laws before embarking on a email marketing campaign.