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Text/SMS, TTS and Voice Broadcasting - Web Based Group Messaging
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Your Web Based Group Messaging Solution

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Our automated messaging service will allow you to easily send a voice or a text message to every phone number on your list. Your message will be delivered within minutes, to any group, large or small. Schools, congregations, sports teams, businesses and municipalities across the country rely on our solutions for emergency notifications and reminders. Our delivery system has capabilities to handle thousands of messages per minute, be it voice or text.

Text Messaging and Voice Broadcasting

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  • Reach thousands of cell or landline numbers in minutes
  • Quick, easy, and amazingly affordable
  • No setup fees or contracts to sign
  • No hardware or software to buy - easy web interface
  • All major cellular/wireless carriers and land line supported
  • Detailed reports and delivery statistics

Interactive Broadcasting

Image This is where SMS got its foothold in the US: adding audience interaction to your programming. American Idol? Whether its TV, Radio, Live shows, live performances or print publications, SMS is bringing new members to your audience and engaging your existing audience while building new revenue. Voting, of course is the initial campaign design. But there are many more available and we offer standard rate programs as well as premium rate programs, where you can charge your audience to interact. Is your audience ready for SMS?

Enterprise Messaging

Image Communicating with clients is moving to the next level as competition drives productivity and clients expectations evolve. Offering client alerts of timely information (account information, appointment information, etc.) determines your level of service and your ability to adapt new technology into your operation and marketing. SMS will improve your sales and customer service while reducing expenses.

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Fax and Email   Broadcasting

Image On top of Voice and Text broadcasting, we also deliver more advanced options, that will allow to deliver your message to basically ANY kind of receiver:

  • Fax Broadasting - any image or HTML file can be delivered to fax numbers.
  • Email Broadcasting - any text or HTML message can be delivered to email addresses

Our system currently supports the following receivers: Phone Numbers for the cell phones, land line phones and faxes, and Email Addresses.

Image Our Customer Support center is your first stop for support. Our goal is to increase your productivity by providing you with the proper support tools and information.
E-mail: support@smsmatrix.com