04 December, Monday

Text/SMS, TTS and Voice Broadcasting - Web Based Group Messaging

As of July 20th, our SMS Telco partner stopped providing SMS services to our platform.
This is due to increasing regulation from Telco industry, which is making it harder and harder for small operators like us, to operate.
Our platform is currently unable to deliver any SMS messages.
We are not sure if or when this situation will be resolved.
All the subscription charges at this moment are blocked, there will be NO Paypal or Credit Card payments being charged, unless we are able to operate normally again.
We are sorry for this situation, and we will keep you posted.

Search & Rescue: SMS, Voice, Text-to-Speech Messaging (TTS)

Search and Rescue Helicopter During a disaster event of any kind time is of the essence.
To act quickly Search and Rescue teams must have access to the right information at the right time.
At SMS Matrix our automated messaging service will allow you to easily send SMS text or Voice broadcast messages to every phone number on your list.
Your message will be delivered within seconds, to any group, large or small, worldwide.

SMS Matrix: Group Messaging - for Search & Rescue Teams

People and communities across the country rely on our solutions for emergency notifications and reminders.
Our delivery system has capabilities to handle thousands of messages per minute, be it Voice, SMS, Email or Text-to-Speech.
Avoid the impact of SAR member no-shows by using a group messaging solution which allows you to notify team members in different customizable ways.
Search and Rescue Helicopter
Our SMS Matrix reminder service will also improve attendance at your meetings or training sessions by sending out reminders days, and even hours in advance.

At SMS Matrix, a web-based system means no additional infrastructure on your part.
Groups are easily arranged and there is a media library for pre-recorded content.
With no-long term contracts and progressive pricing for non-profit associations, credits purchased never expire.

Take advantage of 2-way SMS combined with virtual mobile phone numbers and receive SMS replies or confirmations from your team members.

Alerts &




  • Team Alerts
  • Inclement Weather Closings
  • Emergency Office Closings
  • Meeting Notices
  • SMS confirmations (2-Way SMS)
  • Team Announcements
  • Committee Meeting Reminders
  • Emergency Supply Appeals
  • Special Announcements
  • Mass Text Messaging
  • Fund Raising
  • Periodic Giving Reminders
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • New Member Recruitment
  • Training Sessions
  • General Meetings
  • Safety Education Seminars
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SMS Messaging / SMS Gateway

Enterprise Messaging and SMS API Communicating with clients is moving to the next level as competition drives productivity and clients expectations evolve.

  • Our SMS Gateway provides a programmable interface to integrate bulk SMS, Voice and Text-to-Speech capabilities with your system be it a simple website or complex messaging or alerting system.
  • The solution we offer is extremely reliable and developer friendly.
  • See our SMS Gateway API examples for more technical details.

Customer Support Our Customer Support center is your first stop to get help. Our goal is to increase your productivity by providing you with the proper support tools and information.
E-mail: support@smsmatrix.com