04 December, Monday

Text/SMS, TTS and Voice Broadcasting - Web Based Group Messaging

As of July 20th, our SMS Telco partner stopped providing SMS services to our platform.
This is due to increasing regulation from Telco industry, which is making it harder and harder for small operators like us, to operate.
Our platform is currently unable to deliver any SMS messages.
We are not sure if or when this situation will be resolved.
All the subscription charges at this moment are blocked, there will be NO Paypal or Credit Card payments being charged, unless we are able to operate normally again.
We are sorry for this situation, and we will keep you posted.

Text To Speech (TTS) Messaging

Text to Speech (TTS) option included in every monthly plan, helps to convert text message to high quality voice, and deliver it to land line or cell phones. This option is very useful for all kinds of alerts, when you want to push out your message quickly and without thinking what kind of receiver(s) (sms capable cell phone or voice-only capable phone) are you dealing with. The whole process is totally transparent to the user.
Three languages (voices) are currently supported: American-English, American-Spanish and French.
All languages (voices) come in male and female form.

TTS feature is available via web based GUI, and also when sending messages via Matrix SMS Gateway.
When sending TTS message via the web based GUI, everything looks the same as sending an SMS message - simple choose or enter a phone number, type the message and click 'Send'. If sending to a cell phone, an SMS will be sent. If sending to a landline phone, a TTS message will be sent automatically.
Text-to-Speech messages are perfect for emergency notification - they work with all kinds of phones, and they are more reliable than SMS. The delivery time is as fast as SMS, and they can be as long as needed - no limitation to 160 characters like SMS.

SMS/TTS/Voice Gateway - Send TTS message : Perl Example

## Example of using SMS Matrix HTTP API in Perl
## Sending Text-to-Speech message

use LWP::UserAgent;
use HTTP::Request::Common;

my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new();
my $res = $ua->request
 POST 'http://www.smsmatrix.com/matrix_tts',
 Content_Type  => 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded',
 Content       => [ 'username' => 'user@hotmail.com',
                    'password' => 'mypassword123',
                    'phone'    => '12506063167', ## Phone number
                    'gender'   => 'male',        ## Optional ('female' is default)
                    'repeat'   => 1,             ## Optional (0 is default)
                    'language' => 'us',          ## Optional ('us','fr' or 'es', 'us' is default)
                    'txt' => 'Adam, web server at location number two is down. Please come ASAP.' ]

if ($res->is_error) { die "HTTP Error\n"; }

print "Matrix API Response: " . $res->content . "\n\n";

text-to-speech wave

TTS - Supported Languages

us    - US English
en    - US English
uk    - UK English
jp    - Japanese
ch    - Mandarin Chinese
it    - Italian
es    - Spanish
fr    - French
de    - German
pl    - Polish
fi    - Finnish
arabic - Arabic
ro    - Romanian
no    - Norwegian
tr    - Turkish
sw    - Swedish
gr    - Greek
pt    - Portuguese

All languages support male/female voice (gender variable in HTTP post)

SSML Features for TTS Messages

SMS Matrix Text to Speech API is compatible with official W3C SSML Specification.
Examples showing these additional control features: 1. Inserting silence / pauses "This is not <break strength='none' /> a pause." "This is a <break strength='x-weak' /> phrase break." "This is a <break strength='weak' /> phrase break." "This is a <break strength='medium' /> sentence break." "This is a <break strength='strong' /> paragraph break." "This is a <break strength='x-strong' /> paragraph break." "This is a <break time='3s' /> three second pause." "This is a <break time='4500ms' /> 4.5 second pause." "This is a <break /> sentence break." 2. Adjusting Speech Rate "I am now <prosody rate='x-slow'>speaking at half speed.</prosody>" "I am now <prosody rate='slow'>speaking at 2/3 speed.</prosody>" "I am now <prosody rate='medium'>speaking at normal speed.</prosody>" "I am now <prosody rate='fast'>speaking 33% faster.</prosody>" "I am now <prosody rate='x-fast'>speaking twice as fast</prosody>" "I am now <prosody rate='default'>speaking at normal speed.</prosody>" "I am now <prosody rate='.42'>speaking at 42% of normal speed.</prosody>" "I am now <prosody rate='2.8'>speaking 2.8 times as fast</prosody>" "I am now <prosody rate='-0.3'>speaking 30% more slowly.</prosody>" "I am now <prosody rate='+0.3'>speaking 30% faster.</prosody>" 3. Adjusting Voice Pitch "<prosody pitch='x-low'>This is half-pitch</prosody>" "<prosody pitch='low'>This is 3/4 pitch.</prosody>" "<prosody pitch='medium'>This is normal pitch.</prosody>" "<prosody pitch='high'>This is twice as high.</prosody>" "<prosody pitch='x-high'>This is three times as high.</prosody>" "<prosody pitch='default'>This is normal pitch.</prosody>" "<prosody pitch='-50%'>This is 50% lower.</prosody>" "<prosody pitch='+50%'>This is 50% higher.</prosody>" "<prosody pitch='-6st'>This is six semitones lower.</prosody>" "<prosody pitch='+6st'>This is six semitones higher.</prosody>" "<prosody pitch='-25Hz'>This has a pitch mean 25 Hertz lower.</prosody>" "<prosody pitch='+25Hz'>This has a pitch mean 25 Hertz higher.</prosody>" "<prosody pitch='75Hz'>This has a pitch mean of 75 Hertz.</prosody>" 4. Adjusting Output Volume "<prosody volume='silent'>This is silent.</prosody>" "<prosody volume='x-soft'>This is 25% as loud.</prosody>" "<prosody volume='soft'>This is 50% as loud.</prosody>" "<prosody volume='medium'>This is the default volume.</prosody>" "<prosody volume='loud'>This is 50% louder.</prosody>" "<prosody volume='x-loud'>This is 100% louder.</prosody>" "<prosody volume='default'>This is the default volume.</prosody>" "<prosody volume='-33%'>This is 33% softer.</prosody>" "<prosody volume='+33%'>This is 33% louder.</prosody>" "<prosody volume='33%'>This is 33% louder.</prosody>" "<prosody volume='33'>This is 33% of normal volume.</prosody>" 5. Adding Emphasis to Speech "This is <emphasis level='strong'>stronger</emphasis> than the rest." "This is <emphasis level='moderate'>stronger</emphasis> than the rest." "This is <emphasis level='none'>the same as</emphasis> than the rest." 6. Spelling Words Phonetically "You say <phoneme ph='t ah0 m ey1 t ow0'>tomato</phoneme>, I say <phoneme ph='t ah0 m aa1 t ow0'>tomato</phoneme>"

English Phonemes for TTS Messages

t[t]ap   -  [t] ae1 p
wa[t]er   -  w ao1 [t] er0
ba[t]   -  b ae1 [t]
p[p]at   -  [p] ae1 t
cam[p]er   -  k ae1 m [p] er0
sto[p]   -  s t aa1 [p]
b[b]ook   -  [b] uh1 k
a[b]rupt   -  ah0 [b] r ah1 p t
ri[b]   -  r ih1 [b]
d[d]one   -  [d] ah1 n
ca[d]et   -  k ah0 [d] eh1 t
ba[d]   -  b ae1 [d]
k[c]amera   -  [k] ae1 m r ah0
li[k]ely   -  l ay1 [k] l i0
ar[ch]ite[c]t   -  aa1 r [k] ih0 t eh0 [k] t
ja[ck]   -  jh ae1 [k]
g[g]ood   -  [g] uh1 d
bi[gg]er   -  b ih1 [g] er0
pe[g]   -  p eh1 [g]
ch[ch]art   -  [ch] aa1 r t
[c]ello   -  [ch] eh1 l ow0
na[t]ure   -  n ey1 [ch] er0
cat[ch]   -  k eh1 [ch]
jh[j]ack   -  [jh] ae1 k
di[g]it   -  d ih1 [jh] ih0 t
sol[d]ier   -  s ow1 l [jh] er0
fu[dg]e   -  f ah1 [jh]
f[f]at   -  [f] ae1 t
tele[ph]one   -  t eh1 l ih0 [f] ow0 n
stu[ff]   -  s t ah1 [f]
lau[gh]   -  l ae1 [f]
v[v]arious   -  [v] eh1 r i0 ih0 s
ha[v]e   -  h ae1 [v]
o[f]   -  ah1 [v]
th[th]in   -  [th] ih1 n
ma[tth]ew   -  m ae1 [th] j uw0
ba[th]   -  b ae1 [th]
dh[th]en   -  [dh] eh1 n
ba[th]ing   -  b ey1 [dh] ih0 ng
brea[th]e   -  b r i0 [dh]
s[s]it   -  [s] ih1 t
[ps]ychology   -  [s] ay0 k aa1 l ih0 jh i0
mi[c]e   -  m ay1 [s]
ma[ss]   -  m ae1 s
z[z]ero   -  [z] i0 r ow0
[x]ylophone   -  [z] ay1 l ah0 f ow0 n
qui[z]   -  k w ih1 [z]
boy[s]   -  b oy1 [z]
sh[sh]ip   -  sh ih1 p
[s]ure   -  [sh] er1
o[c]ean   -  ow1 [sh] ih1 n
cla[sh]   -  k l ae1 [sh]
zhvi[s]ion   -  v ih1 [zh] ah0 n
ca[s]ual   -  k ae1 [zh] uw0 ah0 l
mira[g]e   -  m ih0 r aa1 zh
h[h]ello   -  [h] eh0 l ow1
loop[h]ole   -  l uw1 p [h] ow0 l
m[m]an   -  [m] ae1 n
co[mm]on   -  k aa1 [m] ah0 n
ga[m]e   -  g ey1 [m]
n[n]ew   -  [n] uw1
ca[nn]on   -  k ae1 [n] ah0 n
ma[n]   -  m ae1 [n]
ngba[ng]   -  b ae1 [ng]
sitti[ng]   -  s ih1 t ih0 [ng]
r[r]eason   -  [r] i1 z ah0 n
ba[rr]el   -  b eh1 [r] ah0 l
ca[r]   -  k aa1 [r]
l[l]ate   -  [l] ey1 t
me[ll]on   -  m eh1 [l] ah0 n
fu[ll]   -  f uh1 [l]
j[y]ellow   -  [j] eh1 l ow1
b[ea]uty   -  b [j] uw1 t i0
will[i]am   -  w ih1 l [j] ah0 m
w[w]ater   -  [w] ao1 t er0
q[u]een   -  k [w] i1 n
cob[w]eb   -  k aa1 b [w] eh0 b
[wh]ether   -  [wh] eh1 dh er0
i[ea]r   -  [i1] r
sh[ee]p   -  sh [i1] p
k[ey]   -  k [i1]
ih[i]mage   -  [ih1] m [ih0] jh
b[i]t   -  b [ih1] t
sh[i]p   -  sh [ih1] p
eh[e]nd   -  [eh1] n d
g[e]t   -  g [eh1] t
f[ea]ther   -  f [eh1] dh er0
ae[a]frica   -  [ae1] f r ih0 k ah0
c[a]t   -  k [ae1] t
b[a]nk   -  b [ae1] ng k
aa[a]ria   -  [aa1] r i0 ah1
f[a]ther   -  f [aa1] dh er0
c[a]lm   -  k [aa1] l m
er[ear]th   -  [er1] th
b[ir]d   -  b [er1] d
m[er]ge   -  m [er1] jh
ah[a]bout   -  [ah0] b aw1 t
b[u]t   -  b [ah1] t
m[o]nkey   -  m [ah1] ng k i0
ao[aw]e   -  [ao1]
b[ou]ght   -  b [ao1] t
d[oo]r   -  d [ao1] r
uhb[oo]k   -  b [uh1] k
f[u]ll   -  f [uh1] l
c[ou]ld   -  k [uh1] d
uw[oo]ps   -  [uw1] p s
m[oo]n   -  m [uw1] n
f[oo]l   -  f [uw1] l
ch[ew]   -  ch [uw1]
ay[i]vy   -  [ay1] v i0
pr[i]de   -  p r [ay1] d
b[uy]   -  b [ay1]
aw[ou]t   -  [aw1] t
h[ou]se   -  h [aw1] s
c[ow]   -  k [aw1]
oy[oy]ster   -  [oy1] s t er0
b[oy]   -  b [oy1]
ow[o]bey   -  [ow0] b ey1
fl[oa]t   -  f l [ow1] t
m[ow]   -  m [ow1]
ey[a]te   -  [ey1] t
b[a]con   -  b [ey1] k ah0 n
spr[ay]   -  s p r [ey1]